Proposal by the Pond

Ducks occasionally stop in for a dip in the pond.
Ducks occasionally stop in for a dip in the pond.

Two summers ago on the 4th of July my boyfriend and I installed a backyard pond in the corner of his property.  The area where the pond is now located was a corner that had a steep grade and was very difficult to grow much of anything on.  The hot afternoon sun baked down on it and made it almost impossible for grass to grow.

We decided that we would use the slope to our advantage and build a waterfall into the side of the hill to add a relaxing babbling brook sound to the pond.

Creating the Pond
This is the process that we went through to turn the difficult corner into a pond.

It wasn’t until this year, that we finished the waterfall using a solar pump to circulate the water, since there is no electricity in that corner of the lot.

Here’s the finished pond:

And it was just a little over a week ago (May 6 to be exact) that my boyfriend became by fiance’ – in front of the pond.  He proposed – and of course  – I said Yes!

I suppose it’s possible that the hen and drake mallards are engaged now too!

At any rate – the backyard pond will hold a special memory in our hearts for years to come.

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