Twisted Tomato

Topsy Turvy "Twisted" Tomato
Topsy Turvy "Twisted" Tomato

Update on the upside down tomato planter – Topsy Turvey planted May 27.

The cherry tomato plant is twisting it’s way towards the sun, as is common when growing tomatoes upside down.  Tomatoes require lots of sun so it’s only natural that the plant will grow upwards toward the light.  Otherwise the plant looks healthy so far.  I did have to relocate the pole and planter  to an area that gets about 8 hours per day.  It was staked behind the pond and wasn’t getting enough sunlight.

It is necessary to water daily and I suspect that even if it rains, you may need to water, since the opening at the top of the planter is not that large, and the soil dries out very quickly.  I did use an organic potting mix, but when properly watered, the Topsy Turvey upside down planter is quite heavy, so you will need a solid, heavy duty stake or hanger to hold the filled bag.  The tomato plant looks to be doing about as well as the plants that I planted in the raised bed garden on the same day, which I water daily also, except when it rains.  I’ll continue to provide updates on the progress of both methods here.

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