Landscape Lighting Tips and Bright Ideas

Owning a home these days no longer just takes a good building structure and a working interior design and décor. Since we are drawn to physical appearances of people and how they exude their personalities with how they dress and present themselves, homes have taken on the same ideals of having that certain curb appeal.

Gone are the days when garden gnomes were just about the only way to dress up your lawn or your yard. Nowadays, even the smallest square footage available for a potted garden is turned into a perfectly designed outdoor recluse for a homeowner. Whether it be a little Zen garden located in a corner of a cramped balcony in a high rise apartment or a cookie cutter home out in the burbs, gardens and yards are now made into something much more than just a patch of grass with some shrubs.

Outdoor areas of homes are now landscaped to add more value to them. Not only does it take just some architectural details and elements, but much more thought is put in the lay out and composition of plants, its texture and even it aromatic effects. Specific trees, shrubs, foliage and ground cover are carefully picked out and coordinated to suit the overall style or theme of the garden. However, at night, everything just seems like it’s been cloaked in a veil of darkness. And if you’re entertaining guests outdoors, your beautiful garden just can’t be totally appreciated. This is when you wish you said yes to landscape lighting while you were in the works of your landscape project.

Outdoor lights used to make up of merely a porch light and maybe a lighting fixture or two around the back or along a pathway. These days, there is so much more for you to play around with and beautify your outdoor living space. Read up on some useful landscape lighting tips and bright ideas to illuminate all your hard work. A landscaped garden without lights is like a beautiful painting hanging on a wall in the dark.

Draw up a plan as to which features you would like to highlight around your home. With the right placement of lights, you can showcase some architectural points of your house, or an exotic bonsai plant, a fountain or a small Koi pond, a topiary or even just a simple flower pot. Lighting up your walk way or a path doesn’t mean simply putting a row of lights. Strategic placements will serve both lighting needs and highlighting as well.

If you enjoy barbeque nights with friends and you’ve purchased a pretty pimp outdoor grill, you might want to install some low voltage lights in the eaves to show off your cooking area. Outdoor seating areas do need to be lighted but need some ambiance. Choose some soft lights that you can strategically place around converging areas of guests such as behind a garden bench, or you can even have them hang on trees or posts.

There are many ways to illuminate and bring a cozy atmosphere to your garden. Before you go out and shop for anything, read up on the many types of landscape lighting fixtures available in the market today. Choose the ones that you can benefit from most especially if you need them to run all night as this means higher energy consumption for you. It is always best to plan ahead or at least consult a professional if you are not so knowledgeable about electrical wiring requirements. Lastly, keep in mind that these outdoor lighting fixtures are not only for decorative purposes but they are also meant to make your home safe enough for you to enjoy being outdoors at night.

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  1. Making use of lights can add more beauty to your landscape. A lot of website links such as this and even magazines provide helpful tips and ideas on how you can make a typical night of relaxation lovelier or turn a barbeque night more enjoyable!

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