Rain + Mulch + Hostas = Slug Damage

Hostas damaged by slugs.
Hostas damaged by slugs.

Wood bark, shredded leaves, and other organic mulch are a staple in organic landscapes and gardens. Unfortunately, it is also a haven for slugs to hide out until the cover of darkness arrives when they come out in full force to destroy foliage.  Hostas are especially prone to damage by slugs, but they can do a lot of damage in a short time in vegetable gardens too.

Beer traps are somewhat effective but require that you keep the traps filled and it’s a shame to waste a good beer on slimy creatures!

There are a number of safe, effective options for ridding your garden of slugs and other garden pests.  An organic product, Monterey Sluggo Plus Insect, Slug & Snail Pellets For Organic Gardening contains iron phosphate and Spinosad, which is a naturally occurring insecticide made from soil microbes, are both very effective ingredients for safely protecting your gardens from damage caused by earwigs, cutworms, sowbugs, pillbugs, slugs, and snails.

Sluggo Plus granules are sprinkled on the ground and are effective for up to 4 weeks, but may need to reapplied after heavy rains. It’s safe for birds, pets, and other wildlife. For more information on Monterey Sluggo Plus Insect, Slug & Snail Pellets For Organic Gardening, Click Here.

4 thoughts on “Rain + Mulch + Hostas = Slug Damage”

  1. VIsting from SITS. I wish I had found you two weeks ago!! Slugs have destroyed my vincas! I’m going to get some of the product you recommend and see if there is any hope of saving a few blossoms.

  2. i see slugs crawling around sometimes. but i don’t have a garden. i’m a brown thumb.

    but i did learn something! 1. beer is not to be wasted. and 2. see number one.

  3. Yes, that is important. Save the beer for a refreshment after the weeding is done:)

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