What Happened To My Gardens?

WARNING: GARDENER’S DISCRETION ADVISED – SOME IMAGES MAY BE TOO GRAPHIC FOR TIDY GARDENERS – VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK There was a time when I took great pride in the appearance of my gardens, making sure to pluck each weed and nurture each plant to it’s prime. Then along came a handsome man who … Continue reading “What Happened To My Gardens?”

Mid-summer Blooming Perennials

Here are a few of the perennials that are blooming in my mid-summer garden, even though it has been neglected for several years. Thankfully, these plants are all hardy and require very little maintenance. Tickseed or Coreopsis is a perennial that is drought tolerant and low maintenance. ┬áIt comes in an array of bright, sunny … Continue reading “Mid-summer Blooming Perennials”