Advice on feeding your garden birds

Many people enjoy feeding birds, encouraging them into their garden with bird food and a wide variety of garden bird feeders and tables to create a visual display as well as feeding the birds. You can buy bird tables from retailers of garden bird supplies which are suitable for placing bird food and water. Here are five tips to help you with bird feeding:

1. Choose your bird table with a practical eye, as a table that has an intricate design may look pleasing to the eye but may be difficult to keep hygienic and to clean.

2. Place your bird feeder or bird table in an area which is away from predators. For instance, don’t place too near to trees as cats and squirrels will use them to gain access to the table or feeder. Some birds like to feed from the ground such as thrushes. Clean up any left over food to avoid attracting vermin.

3. Never provide bird food in mesh bags as this can trap and injure bird’s feet and cause birds such as woodpeckers to trap their beaks. Place the food in a suitable holder which can be purchased from a garden bird supplies retailer.

4. To attract house sparrows and greenfinches use half a coconut filled with fat or bird cakes which you can purchase readymade. This can be fastened to a bracket on a wall or attached to your bird feeder.

5. Place nut feeders and seed feeders around the garden in strategic places so that a variety of birds will be attracted. Seed feeders will attract birds such as tits and greenfinches. Nut feeders should have mesh large enough to enable the birds to feed without damaging their beak but small enough to contain the nuts.

For information regarding bird food or garden bird feeders contact a reputable supplier who can give advice.