Bearded Iris Flower – Spin Off

Reblooming Iris Flower - Spin Off
Reblooming Iris Flower - Spin Off

It could be called a late bloomer, since it is about 10 days later than the others, but then again, some haven’t bloomed at all yet.

The Spin Off is rightly named, I’d say, with the striped white and purple beards.  It is not as tall as some of the others that get the same amount of sun and water, like the Mother Earth, but it’s just as splendid.

A heavy rain last night knocked most of the irises over, even the ones with a single bloom and the Spin Off has just one bloom as of yet.  I suspect that it will produce a few more before it’s done this time around.

More Blooming Irises & Peonies

It is shaping up to be a beautiful Memorial Day weekend here in Minnesota. Temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees and sunshine makes for perfect gardening weather.  Four more of my reblooming iris are in full color.  Mariposa Skies, Tiger Honey, Orange Harvest and Mother Earth are the latest to show their colors.  One of the Marisposa Skies has three gigantic blooms and is so top heavy that I’m going to have to stake it up.

Steve and I made a trip to the local Home Depot last night and picked up the supplies for another raised bed garden, so I’ll be assembling and planting that this weekend.  Can’t wait to get started. The new raised bed will be planted with more tomatoes, peppers and Swiss chard.

Peony transplanted from farm in Wisconsin
Peony transplanted from farm in Wisconsin

One of the peonies is in full bloom also.  I’m not sure what the name of this one is, but it was transplanted from the farm where Steve grew up so it’s been blooming for many years.

Reblooming Iris – Immortality and Sugar Blues in Bloom

Reblooming Iris - Immortality
Reblooming Iris Immortality

After the warm spring rain yesterday, two more of my reblooming irises bloomed overnight.  That makes three varieties that have bloomed this week.  Harvest of Memories has been in bloom since Monday, and Sugar Blues and Immortality this morning.  Just love the color and can’t wait for the other 15 varieties to show their colors.

Reblooming Iris - Sugar Blues
Reblooming Iris - Sugar Blues - in full bloom