Ten Interesting Facts About Soil

Understanding about soil is not everyone’s idea of a good time, but for the gardener, it is essential. Below are five things you possibly don’t already know about soil.

1. About twenty-five percent of the world’s soil is damaged regularly by farming practices such as excessive tilling.

Secondly, about 10 tonnes of living organisms can be found in 1 acre of soil.

Thirdly, it is estimated that food is grown on about 10% of the world’s land in order to provide food for both human-beings and animals.

Fourthly, It’s incredible to think that plants’ roots search through the soil to find new areas of moisture at a rate of one half an inch per day.

5. During the period of a year, earthworms can eat, digest and recycle an astonishing thirty-six tons of soil which helps make it more rich.

6. At least 1 million earthworms could possibly be found in just one acre of rich grass land – although counting them might be a problem.

7. Just 1 spadeful of soil could contain more species of living things than the Amazon rain forest contains in total above ground.

Eight: Animals that hide seeds and nuts in soil such as squirrels, are contributing to the soils richness because they decompose over time releasing nutrients and fibrous material..

Nineth, all the men women and children in the world wouldn’t add up to more than the number of clay particles that could be counted in one handful of clay.

10. Soil usually contains minerals at forty-five per cent , air at twenty-five per cent, water at twenty-five per cent and organic matter at twenty-five per cent.

There are without doubt thousands of things to know about soil. The list aims to give the most incredible soil information to those with little time to learn more by themselves.

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