Quilting – just getting started

You may not know that I have ADD when it comes to crafting which means that I have supplies for many different arts including polymer clay, painting (acrylic, oil, watercolor), knitting, crocheting, Tunisian crochet, jewelry making, and my latest is quilting. I dabbled in doll making this past winter and really enjoyed the fact that I could use many different crafts to create one doll. Sewing the body and creating clothes with crochet and embroidered flowers led me into quilting. Here are a few photos from my experiments.

The dress was made for a friend of my daughter who wanted to have a doily wedding dress. We took heirloom doilies from her family and I crochet smaller ones to piece in between the larger ones and hand-stitched them on to a dress she selected from David’s Bridal. It took many hours to complete but was very satisfying and fun to do.

The doll was created by sewing and stuffing the head and body, then adding a yarn wig. I knitted the sweater to match one that my youngest daughter loved to wear when she was three and the skirt matches one that I made for her and she insisted on wearing the combination of striped and flowers to pre-school every Friday!

And here is a photo of my first hand-quilted projects.


hand-stitched quilted table runner
hand-stitched quilted table runner

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